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Rituals and Spells to Control Others and Make Them Bend To Your Will

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Rituals and Spells to Control Others and Make Them Bend To Your Will

Sometimes, there comes a time when the only thing standing in your way is another person. It might be a family member who refuses to see your point of view, a boss who will not give you a raise you deserve, or someone else entirely. You might even be tempted to give up on your desires, but you do not have to. You can use spells and rituals to control others and make them bend to your will by subtly influencing other people into seeing things your way.

Commanding and Compelling

To compel someone is to make them do something. Compelling spells allow you to be dominant over a person or situation, and are useful when you need to be the one in charge. Commanding spells give you influence over people, allowing you to get the things you want in a more subtle way. If you are careful and your intentions are pure, you can use these spells to protect yourself and ensure that you get the treatment you deserve.

Commanding at Work

Have you ever had a stressful time at work? You could have a difficult client, or co-workers who just do not get along. With a little bit of planning, you can make things go your way.

Start by taking a spiritual bath the night or morning before going to work, using a Commanding Bath & Floor Wash. When you are through soaking, allow yourself to air dry. Before you get dressed and leave the house, put on a dab of Commanding Perfume, and either wear or carry a little bit of Bend Over Sachet Powder. As you get ready, visualize yourself successfully bending others to your will. Picture yourself giving a presentation, getting a raise, or whatever you need. Dress in clothing that makes you feel powerful, and carry yourself with authority.

Taming a Lover

Often, the most frustrating people in our lives are the ones we love. You can influence your lover without them ever realizing it.

Invite your love over to your home. Before he arrives, thoroughly clean and mop the floors with Saint Martha the Dominator or Tame Him Bath & Floor Wash from the front of your home to the back. Dab a little Tame Him/Amansa Guapo Perfume on your pulse points. After he arrives, make sure he removes his shoes. If you can do so without him noticing, sprinkle some Tame Him Sachet Powder inside of the shoes.

Protecting Yourself

In many cases, people try to bend others to their will to protect themselves. If someone is regularly annoying you, it makes sense to get them to stop!

Start when the moon is waning. Begin by creating a protective, commanding incense with bay leaves and clove buds. Clove and bay are both powerful protection herbs that are used to banish negative forces and exert your will. Burn on charcoal, or grind to powder and sprinkle around your home. Next, dress a Bend Over Custom Big Al Candle with Bend Over Oil. Before lighting it, write your desire on a piece of parchment and tuck it underneath the candle. This can be very simple, something like, "[Target's name] leaves me alone," or "[Target's name] moves away." Light the candle, then sit and picture your desire coming true. Visualize your life, free and happy without this person's influence. When you are ready, snuff the candle. Repeat for seven days, until the candle is completely burned. Dispose of the remains of the candle as far from your home as possible.

If you can find one of your enemy's footprints, sprinkle it with Hot Foot Powder to get them to stay away. If not, you can also sprinkle it across anywhere where they may walk -- in front of their door, across their driveway, and so forth.

Commanding and compelling magic is powerful and, in the wrong hands, can be harmful. If your intentions are good and your heart is pure, you can use these spells to get other people on your side to make your life go smoothly.

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